Justin Ryan

"The Technician"






I'm a two-and-a-half decade long working member of the live-event entertainment industry, including being an participant (pre-2000s) Colorado's rave and nightlife industry. I get to do some pretty cool things like:

  • host people's websites,
  • build web applications to make venues more efficient,
  • assemble and play with big-ass sound systems,
  • develop software for controlling theatrical controls (lights, lasers, video, ..),
  • design and build crazy light and video stage shows,
  • repair DJ and performance related electronics (like CDJs and mixers),
  • and follow around perfomers to fix any crazy problems that prevent them from entertaining people.

I make shit happen.



  • Pyrotechnico FX - Laser Tech
    • Morgan Wallen World Tour 2023 (United States, Canada, UK)
    • Suenos Music Festival (Chicago)
    • KBS Immortal Songs Live (New Jersey)
  • Another Backline Company - DJ Back Line Tech
    • Decadence NYE (Denver)


  • Nexus Productions - Lighting Technician
    • Illenium / Life Is Beautiful Festival (Las Vegas)

2018 - 2023:

  • Global Dance - DJ Back Line Tech
    • Global Dance Festival (Denver)
    • Decadence NYE (Denver)
  • ReelWorks / Whirling Dervish Productions - Stage Manager
  • Eruptr - Software Engineer
  • HealthAware - Software Engineer

Recent Past (2002 - 2020):

  • Beta Nightclub - Production Manager, Lighting Operator
  • EXDO Event Center - Production Manager
  • Tracks Denver Nightclub - First Production Assistant
  • Temple Denver Nightclub - Production Manager
  • Sights & Lights - Lighting Technician
  • Global Backline - DJ Back Line Tech
  • Global Dance / Insomniac (EDC Denver) - Lighting Vendor

Distant Past (1996 - 2002):

  • Tracks 2000 Nightclub - Technician
  • Edge Audio - Production Technician
  • Freelance Lighting Technician
    • LB1 Productions
    • Pureform Atmospheres
    • Global Dance / Triad Dragons
    • Old Norsk Productions

..and countless other one-off events, bars, and nightclubs that I participated in building, operating, or consulting for but can't remember because I've gotten to do so many cool things that my memory has trouble keeping up.


Lighting / Video:

  • GrandMA (1 & 2 series) console experience
  • Colorado's foremost LightJockey expert
  • Set design, build, rigging
  • DMX, Art-Net, sACN infrastructure, troubleshooting
  • Fixture, console repair
  • Nova & Linsn LED wall configuration, build
  • Video (VJ) software configuration, mapping (VDMX pref., Resolume)
  • Low-res LED install, configuration (Madrix, Jinx!)
  • Laser installation (ILDA, IP-based), operation (Pangolin QuickShow, Beyond)

Audio / DJ:

  • System assembly, basic live engineering (DigiCo pref.)
  • Audio over IP (Dante, MADI) configuration
  • DJ/electronic artist back line expert
  • DJ Gear: CDJ, mixer, controller electronic repair (esp. Pioneer)
  • Former professional DJ (Vinyl -> digital)

Computer / Technical:

  • PC build, diagnose, repair
  • Programming languages: Web stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), C#, VB.NET
  • High familiarity with MIDI (I've written my own MIDI translator, router)

Equipment / Rigging:

  • Can operate scissor lifts, bucket lifts, and forklifts
  • Own all necessary personal fall-restraint gear
  • Special effects (SFX) operation: confetti, cryogenics (C02, nitrogen), fog, haze, snow